Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back!!!
We are going to have a great year!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 

I have to apologize to you…
I should have sent out the Valentine’s card list out last week, but I completely forgot… I am so sorry!!!
So, we are having a Valentine’s celebration on Friday,  BUT if you do not have time to get cards for you child or you have the cards but don’t have time to have your child sign them, then I have extra boxes of cards that your child can have and we can make time in class to sign them. PLEASE, do NOT stress about the cards!!! We can do it in class if need be. Also just as a quick reminder, your child does not have to do Valentine’s Day cards, but if they do, please make one for everyone in the class. We will make an envelope to hold the cards in class, so no boxes from home needed.
 I also wanted to remind everyone to check your child’s portal for their report card. If you forgot their password , please contact the office @ 799 - 7339. The report card is different this year. The grading scale is a bit different for each section so please make sure you read the key for each section, so that you thoroughly understand your child’s progress. If you are confused or have question please consult the letter from Ms. Hasson sent to you today or contact me and I can help you decipher the scoring rubrics. 
Again, if you have any questions or concerns about jury duty or anything else, please don’t hesitate to email me at mharrington@capeelizabethschools.org or call me on my cell # 939-4880 or school voicemail at 799-7339. 
*** Note: I will post my court dates on my blog if you want to know those dates.

 Have a great weekend!!!!